In need of a rest with a cup of coffee or a freshly prepared sandwich? Brasserie1653 is the perfect location to rest up. You are always welcome in the brasserie, whether you do or don't decide to visit the Royal Delft Experience. The brasserie has a beautiful terrace in our courtyard garden, a hidden pearl of Delft! You can also enjoy a high tea.

Brasserie1653 is freely accessible



Brasserie1653 is freely accessible and you are more than welcome for a freshly baked roll or cup of coffee even if you do not visit the museum. From the annex you have a beautiful view over our courtyard. All our rolls are freshly baked in the oven for you. On our menu you will find, amongst others, a Waldkorn roll with brie, walnuts and honey or a delicious quiche with goats cheese.

Glorious High Tea

Taste the Dutch Golden Age

Price: € 21,50 p.p.

2019 is Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age year and especially for this year Brasserie1653 is serving a Glorious High Tea. The treats served in this High Tea are made according to recipes from the 17th century with spices characteristic for that period. Flavours from then, made in an organic and sustainable way nowadays. It is possible to extend your visit to Royal Delft with the Blue high tea. Price €32,50 p.p.


Self service



Hot drinks
Espresso €2,30
Coffee €2,40
Cappuccino €2,60
Cafe au lait €2,75
Latte Macchiato €3,00
Tea Pickwick €2,75
Fresh mint tea €3,00
Loose tea Miss Morrison €3,00
Hot chocolate €3,00
Hot chocolate with whipped cream €3,50

Other drinks
Softdrinks bottle 0,50l €3,50
Mineral water 0,50l €3,00
Bottle Royal Delft Blue Brew 0,30l €3,50
Bottle Heineken beer 0,30l €3,50
Bottle of wine red/white/rosé 0,25l €6,00
Small bottle prosecco 0,25l €8,50

Apple tart €3,75
Variety of tarts, from €3,75
Various biscuits, from €2,50
Freshly baked almond biscuit €2,75
Sausage roll €2,75
Cheese roll €2,75
Whipped cream €0,50


Goat cheese salad €12,50
Mixed lettuce with goat cheese, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumber, honey, and balsamic dressing. Served with bread and butter.
Tuna salad €12,50
Mixed lettuce with tuna, tomatoes, capers, olives, cucumber, egg, and mustard-dill dressing. Served with bread and butter.
Smoked chicken salad €12,50
Mixed lettuce with smoked chicken, tomatoes, pepers, cucumber, raisins, walnuts and huney-mustard dressing. Served with bread and butter.
Typical Dutch:
White baguette with a warm smoked sausage €6,95
A portion of poffertjes with butter and icing sugar, 12 pieces €4,95
Freshly baked sourdough bread, with
Farmers' mature cheese and mustard-dill dressing €8,95
Herb cheese €8,95
Butchers ham €8,95
Hummus with sun dried tomatoes and red onion €8,95
Tuna salad with sun dried tomatoes, capers, and red onion €8,95
Freshly prepared tosti's:
Farmer’s tosti with cheese €5,95
Farmer’s tosti with ham/cheese €5,95
Goat cheese tosti with sun dried tomatoes, thyme, and honey €6,95
To share
Dip with aioli, pesto and olives (2 pers.) €8,95
Platter with raw ham, olives and cheese (2 pers.) €8,95

For more information on allergies, vegetarian and glutenfree options please contact us.