Besides Brasserie1653 Royal Delft can cater for larger groups for lunch. On this page you will find two of the lunches that we offer. These lunches are specially designed for groups from 10 - 100 people. would you like more information or do you have a question about glutenfree, vegetarian, halal options or allergies? Please contact us!

According to the precautions taken by the RIVM, we don't cater lunches for large groups until further notice.

Dutch Lunch

Dutch Lunch

Price € 16,50 per person

This lunch offers you a taste of the Dutch cuisine. We serve tomato soup and beef croquettes and various rolls. We serve a variety of small yoghurts for desert. Coffee, tea and orange juice is on the table for those who are thirsty. Would you like more information on what is included in the lunch, please contact us.

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Prijs € 19,50 per person

Luxury lunch

Luxury Lunch

Price € 19.50 per person

Royal Delft has a variety of meeting rooms. If you want to have a lunch during your meeting, the Luxury Lunch might meet your standards. The Luxe Lunch contains warm elements such as a tomato soup and quiches. Sandwiches with luxury fillings are also served. We serve a fruit salad for dessert. The Arrangements department would like to get in touch with you to discuss the options.