Henk Schiffmacher - A lecture about his journey on skin and earth

An afternoon about love for folk art, collecting, the perfection of imperfection, artisanal mastery and the richness of symbolism. The exhibition Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo is an ode to the connection between Delft blue and the tattoo with the theme "faith, hope and love".

Two traditional crafts from an old world. Overseas brought here from the East. Art forms that are applied manually once. From a drawn symbolic image to a three-dimensional decor on a biscuit made of ceramic or as decoration on the body. Brush and tattoo needle then have the same function. Permanently encapsulated or baked in with ink or pigment.

One-off and for an exclusive company, tattoo artist, painter and designer Henk Schiffmacher gives a lecture about his journey through the skin and earth and enters into a dialogue with the guests.

Admission includes reception with coffee, tea and cake, a tile from the special collection and entrance to the Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo exhibition and the Royal Delft Experience. There is also the opportunity to purchase a specially signed copy of the exhibition book.

Datum  : 23 februari 2020                                                                              

Tijd      : 14:00 uur (inloop 13:30 uur)

Locatie : Royal Delft – De Porceleyne fles, Delft

Costs   : €49,95 p.p.

A limited number of tickets are available.

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