Table Box Sailor's Grave

Inspirational Blue


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  • Detail
    Collection Decorative
    Not suitable for dishwasher Henk Schiffmacher
    Weight 620 gr.
    Size 17 x 11 cm
    Colour Delft Blue
    Technique Transfer
    Productcode 46710200
  • Information

    Applied manually with brush or needle and ink. In the glaze or in the skin. From a drawing to a three-dimensional decor on ceramic or as decoration on the body. Nuances only become visible after baking the clay. Or after healing the skin. 

    Faith, hope and love. They are recurring themes in Royal Delft Blue and tattoos. Full of symbolism and references, flowers and other graphic decoration, the visual language of the Royal Delft Blue is almost identical to the visual language used in the tattoo.

  • Not suitable for microwave
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Transfer


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