Applique Rock of Ages

Inspirational Blue


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  • Detail
    Collection Decorative
    Not suitable for dishwasher Henk Schiffmacher
    Weight 420 gr.
    Size 23 x 17 cm
    Colour Delft Blue
    Technique Transfer
    Productcode 46727100
  • Information

    During a violent storm in Burrington Combs, England, in 1763, a terrified clergyman woman sat in a cleft of a rock waiting for the bad weather to pass. In her fear, she felt so close to God that she wrote the Hymn Rock of Ages.

    One of the big themes that you keep seeing in the tattoo. The image symbolizes the last place the sailor can go as a castaway. Many see the time of death in this.

  • Not suitable for microwave
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Transfer


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