Frequently asked questions about the Webshop

What is the delivery time?

Within the Netherlands deliveries will be sent after 2 working days after we received the payment.

For more information see our general agreements.

For other EU countries see table beneath: 

Belgium 5 working days
Denmark, Germany, France, Luxemburg 5-6 working days
Ireland, Austria, UK, Sweden 5-7 working days
Finland, Hungaria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia 5-8 working days
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia 6-8 working days
Bulgaria, Rumania 6-9 working days
Cyprus, Greece, Malta 7-10 working days
ROW all other countries besides EU 5-10 working days
Japan 3-5 working days

How can I pay at the Royal Delft Web shop

You can pay for purchases from the web shop via a money transfer. After you receive the payment information, you can settle the transaction via a deposit transfer card or via Internet banking. Another possibility is the payment method iDEAL, a secure online payment system that can be used in the safe and familiar environment of your own bank. All customers with Internet banking at ING, SNS Bank, Rabobank and ABN AMRO can make use of this system. In the Netherlands it is also possible to pay by bank transfer (this involves a processing time of 2 to 3 days) or with a Visa/ Mastercard.

Belgium/ Germany/ France/ Spain/ Italy/ Greece/ UK/ Finland/ Denmark/ Switzerland and Austria:
Orders from Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, UK, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria can be settled using a local card or a credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

Other countries:

Orders from other countries can be settled via a bank transfer using the IBAN number and the BIC code or by using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

How can I return a product sold?

In case you have a question of wish to return a product related to a transport damage, wrong delivery or during approval period please fill in this form and send it to If you would like to return the parcel immediately please add the form to the parcel.

What are the General Conditions?

The General Terms and Conditions of Royal Delft apply to purchases made from the web shop.

What does the Transport Insurance mean?

The products ordered by you will be insured against transport damage. An insurance fee of 5% is calculated over the net amount of goods. In case you wish to return a damaged product please follow the return procedure.

In which way the shipping costs are calculated?

The shipping costs are related to the weight of the product ordered and the country of destination. In these shipping costs the packing costs and handling are included but excl., if necessary, import fees.

Has your question not been answered?

Has your question not been answered? Have a look at the FAQ under "OUR Blue".