Augmented Blueware

Just imagine, an exclusive tableware collection for you with precisely the same decoration as your own unique Delft Blue vase. Royal Delft, FLEX/design, and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality can make it happen, thanks to their close collaboration and fusion of expertise with Augmented Blueware. We are proud to announce this project won a Dutch Design Award in the category Best Client. The jury report read: "A deep-rooted brand with a very rich history interacts with innovative technologies and new partners. This royal company is continuing to evolve and understands what design can do to give new impetus to their ‘business’.” 

Innovation of centuries-old tradition

The innovative process that Royal Delft, FLEX/design & TWNKLS|Augmented Reality developed, ensures that a specific decoration from a unique hand painted vase can be transferred to tableware decorated with that same one-of-a-kind design. Create a beautifully laid table that is completely unique.