75 years liberation

On 5 May 2020, as the Netherlands we would celebrate 75 years of freedom. Due to the corona crisis large festivities are not appropriate and we commemorate freedom in a different way, but with perhaps even greater appreciation. To mark 75 years of freedom, Royal Delft is releasing a new commemorative plate.

The newest reminder plate "75 years of freedom" fits in with the company's long tradition of publishing a plate at events of national importance. The decoration for the new plate is inspired by the commemorative plate that was made for the very first Liberation Day: both have a peace dove.

In addition to the hand-painted plate, there will also be a smaller version with a transferred decoration. It is the first time in history that the tradition of commemorative plates is supplemented with a transfer variant.

Both plates can now be ordered in the Royal Delft webshop. The hand-painted plate is available in the showroom at Rotterdamseweg 196 in Delft. The showroom is open on weekdays and takes into account all applicable RIVM measures.