Royal Delft and Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage present: Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo

Delft Blue pottery and tattoos may not be the most obvious combination, but they have more in common than thought. Parallels can be found in, among other things, origin, meaning, craftsmanship and mastery. Henk Schiffmacher has made a number of unique objects with the master painters of Royal Delft, where the two worlds literally touch each other. Through the collaboration awareness about craftsmanship, symbolism and traditions arises again, and different target groups come into contact with each other and with new worlds.

An unexpected collaboration about faith, hope and love

Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo

Ink connects. Layered, deeply rooted and a respectful ode to Delft Blue and the art of tattooing. A unique collaboration between two traditional crafts from the old world. Brought here overseas from the east. Rich with culture, tradition and symbolism. Art forms that are applied manually once. With a needle on the skin or with a brush on earthenware.

On show until October 31st 2020 at Royal Delft.

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Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage Foundation

To unlock the valuable and unique cultural heritage of Henk Schiffmacher and his tattoo art, to make it accessible and visible for the generations of now and in the future, the Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage has been established. For the purpose of international knowledge exchange about meaning, rituals and stories that would otherwise be lost. The focus areas "collection, art & craft, academy and library" offer opportunities for unexpected collaborations and crossovers.

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