Glorious Delft Blue - extended until 30 September!

Extended until 30 June! Delft Blue is the symbol of the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. Inspired by the Chinese porcelain that Dutch East India sailors brought back with them and later transformed into a Dutch icon by clever Dutch entrepreneurs. The Dutch Golden Age was a period in which one’s status was visible through houses, clothes and art. Impressive portraits, captivating still life paintings and glamorous showpieces, the Dutch Golden Age was a period like no other. In the exhibition people from the 17th century share their experiences. 

Contemporary showpieces

In five themes the relationship is portrayed between the Golden Age and contemporary showpieces and trends. In the themes, trade & new flavours, interior, tulipmania, portraits and fashion, we have collaborated with contemporary designers like Marie Cécile Thijs, Ruben van Megen and Tess van Zalinge. Curious to see the other showpieces? Visit Glorious Delft Blue!  

Marie Cécile Thijs

Modern portraits

Her photography shows influences reminiscent of 17th-century Dutch masters, while at the same time her personal interpretation is purely contemporary. She plays with her subjects, bringing them to life or freezing them in time and space. Objects become characters. They become detached from their original context, and assume a completely new identity. This results in intriguing creations, where tranquillity, motion and sometimes also humour meet.

Marie Cécile Thijs

Glorious Interior

Meisterwerke is a creation of Isabelle Torrelle and Christian Otto, designers who share a love of art and textiles.

After her education in textiles and making collections for others for 20 years, Isabelle took matters into her own hands last year. “Since then, I’ve had the freedom to create without restrictions. I look for the limits, and exceed them.” They combine the strengths of weaving and embroidery, making possible the interweaving of more than 90 different colours and techniques.


Glorious Interior

Graduated in 2012 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Ruben van Megen stands for high end design and the use (and development) of new materials and techniques. The design Café 6116 was honoured with a Red Dot Award (2017), a Talente Award (2018) and an A’Design Award (2018).

Ruben van Megen

Glorious Fashion

Graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012, Tess van Zalinge (1989) has her own designer label. Van Zalinge draws inspiration from her roots and especially from Dutch crafts, Dutch costume wear and Dutch design. These are often structured in shape, yet light and delicate into detail. Her color palette and use of prints keeps the overall image brisk, innovative but still with an ode to Dutch heritage.

Tess van Zalinge

Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age

Step into the Dutch Golden Age

Delft & the Dutch Golden Age

Throughout 2019 Delft is turning 'gold' with a whole year of cultural exhibitions and activities themed the Dutch Golden Age in Delft. 'Delft & the Dutch Golden Age' is part of the national theme year 'Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age.' The year starts in Delft with the exhibition Glorious Delft Blue at Royal Delft. The first exhibition in The Netherlands completely focussed on the famous Dutch master Pieter de Hooch, Pieter de Hooch: from the shadow of Vermeer, starts in October at Museum Prinsenhof Delft. More information: