Delft Blue business gifts

Royal Delft offers an extensive collection of gifts, from traditional plates, dishes and vases to modern design objects. You can give almost every gift a bespoke touch through the addition of your own logo in the design. If you want to make an unforgettable impression, you can create a bespoke, handpainted gift together with our crafstmen and painters. Together with them you can design the shape of the piece and the design of the Delft Blue decoration. Bear in mind that creating an own shape takes several months. 

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Personal gift

Custom decal transfer

Custom decal transfer

Besides the hand painted collection Royal Delft offers a large collection of handmade gifts at an appealing price. These Blueware products are handmade in the ateliers of Royal Delft but are decorated with a specialized transfer technique instead of being hand painted. As a result Blueware can guarantee  this appealing price, especially when creating a larger volume of a specific product. The Blueware gifts can be supplied with your logo, a personalized text or a decoration by your own design. It is also a possibility to, in collaboration with our craftsmen, create a new gift according to your own wishes.