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The Blue D1653 products are designed by the (Dutch) guild masters of the 21st century; modern, known Dutch Designers. They invent and develop new products, taking their inspiration from the Royal Delft Master Painters. These painters paint the refined guild artwork of the earthenware and have learned through tradition and strict selection. The cooperation between the Designers and Royal Delft Master Painters results in products which have a distinct character; Delft Blue meets Dutch Design. 
Arian Brekveld
Arian Brekveld graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 1995, Purchasers of his designs include the MOMA in New York and they were recently printed in the book 'Designers in Nederland'. His modest view creates timeless product designs.

Chris Koens
Chris Koens is trained as an industrial designer at 'The Design Academy' in Eindhoven. Owner of Studio Chris Koens since 1996. Besides his designs for the label Blue D1653 he also has designed products for Royal Leerdam Crystal and Royal VKB (both member of the Royal Delft Group).

Damian O'Sullivan
Damian O'Sullivan was born in England in 1969 of Franco-Irish parents, and grew up in the Netherlands. He studied industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London. A year later he was asked to join Philips Design in Eindhoven.  Four years later he set up his own design office: Damian O'Sullivan Design in Rotterdam.

Master painter
The painters’ basic training lasts one year. After four or five years, the painter has mastered all the different Delft Blue decoration techniques.Training to become a Master Painter takes around ten years. But then, these painters handle the large-scale scenes, the special commissions and the more complicated decorations.
Simon van Oosten
Master painter
Simon van Oosten (1961) was working at Royal Delft from 1978 until 2016.  He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Besides his work as master painter and designer he was specialized in custom made designs such as the larger tile paintings.
Paul Bartels
Master painter
Paul Bartels (1951) worked at Royal Delft from 1968 to 2016. After his study at the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague his specialized in custom made portrait painting the development in new products for Royal Delft.  Many of the Blueware products are designed by him.
Caroline Hartman
Master painter
Caroline Hartman (1957) started in 1976 as painter at Royal Delft. She is the first female designer at Royal Delft and not only for decorations on Delftware. Among others, the designs of the Senz Umbrella, the Neoprene collection and the apples for InsideOut Luxury are made by her.